Plants of the Castlemaine district

Hemlock - introduced (*Conium maculatum)

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Family: Apiaceae (Parsley, carrot family).

Native of Europe and Asia.

Occurrence: Scattered weed of disturbed areas. It is a noxious weed and listed as Restricted in central Victoria.


All parts of the plant are poisonous.

Similar species: Other members of the parsley family resemble Hemlock. Hemlock can usually be distinguished by the mousy smell and purple stem markings. The young leaves can resemble fern leaves.

Photos 1: Hemlock. View from above. The flowers are on radiating stalks which again divide into radiating stalks. This flower arrangement is common in members of the parsley family. Castlemaine.
2: Hemlock showing the fern-like leaves and the branched flower stalks. Castlemaine. conium2
3: Leaves beside the Loddon River. Warburtons Bridge.
4. Dense infestation of Hemlock along a pathway. Tower Hill. At flowering time the Hemlock will be much taller.
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