Plants of the Castlemaine district

Boneseed - introduced (*Chrysanthemoides monilifera)

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Family: Asteraceae (Daisy family).

Native of South Africa.

Occurrence: Scattered localities in Central Victoria. It is moderately abundant on the Nuggetty Range, Maldon, and in parts of the Kalimna Reserve, Castlemaine.


Boneseed is a weed of national significance, and Regionally Prohibited in North-central Victoria. In parts of Victoria (e.g. near the coast, and at the You Yangs) it is a major environmental weed. Seeds are dispersed by birds and animals. The seed remains viable for many years.

Photos: 1: Leaves with cobwebs. The leaves are slightly fleshy, toothed, and pointed.
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2: Hand pulling Boneseed. You Yangs 1982. Boneseed forms dense thickets that swamp native vegetation.
3: Bonseed, Portland. Boneseed is a major weed in parts of Victoria's coastal vegetation.

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4, 5, 6: Bonseed. Castlemaine. Boneseed has been pulled on sight at Kalimna for over 30 years. The bony seeds are viable for many years, which makes eradication difficult.

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