Plants of the Castlemaine district

Windmill Grass - native (Chloris truncata)

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windmill grass windmill grass

Native. Perennial or annual. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


Windmill Grass is a common component of native grasslands and roadside vegetation, particularly to the north.

When mature, the squared off (truncate), dark-coloured lemmas on the radiating arms are distinctive,

1, 2. Windmill Grass in a Castlemaine garden. 3. The squared lemmas are distinctive. 4. The lemmas darken with age. 4: Castlemaine footpath.

truncata: ending abruptly, referring to the cut-off lemmas; chloris: green, referring to the colour of leaves and flowers of some species.

Feathertop Rhodes Grass (*Chloris virgata)