Plants of the Castlemaine district

Sowbane - introduced (*Chenopodium murale)

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Family: Chenopodiaceae (Chickweed family).

Native of Europe and Asia.

Occurrence: A widespread in weedy places, especially where there is extra moisture.


Similar species:
Both sides of the leaf of Fat Hen (*Chenopodium album) are covered in white, mealy scales. The leaves of Sowbane are greener (especially with age) and the lobes are sharper pointed.
Stinking Goosefoot (*Chenopodium vulvaria) is a prostrate plant with a most obnoxious odour when crushed.

Name. Chenopodium: Goosefoot; cheno: goose; pod: foot, the leaves of some species have the appearance of a goose's foot.

Photos: 1: Leaves and flower clusters. 2: Leaves, showing upper and lower surfaces.
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3: Sowbane growing in a nature strip. Rowan St, Bendigo. 4: Sowbane on the banks of Lake Elingamite.