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Rock Ferns - natives
Green Rock Fern (Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia) and
Narrow Rock Fern (Cheilanthes sieberi)

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Family: Adiantaceae (Maidenhair family).

Natives of Australia.

Occurrence: Widespread, particularly on rocky hilltops. Both grow in grasslands, grassy woodlands and in forest areas.


The two ferns are sometimes difficult to distinguish.

Green Rock-fern (Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia)

Narrow Rock-fern (Cheilanthes sieberi)

They are perennials. Both are resurrection plants i.e. they die down in hot weather, and quickly become green again with adequate rainfall. Narrow Rock-fern is reputed to be poisonous to stock.
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Photos: Top: Green Rock Fern. 2, 3 left: Green Rock Fern. 4, 5 right: Narrow Rock Fern. All: Castlemaine district.