Plants of the Castlemaine District

Black Cypress-pine - a non-local native (*Callitris endlicheri)

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Family: Cupressaceae (Cypress family).

Native of eastern mainland Australia.

Occurrence: Uncommon. Hundreds had spread from some planted specimens in the Kalimna Reserve at Castlemaine. Many of these have now been removed.


Black Cypress-pine is distinguished from the other cypress-pines:

Similar species: White Cypress Pine (Callitris columellaris) is a native to northern Central Victoria. It often has bluish leaves. Its cones have thin scales which separate to the base.
Cherry Ballart (Exocarpros cupressiformis) is an unrelated species. It has light green foliage. The fruit stalk is succulent and turns bright red. Cherry Ballart is a common component of the box - ironbark forests.

Name. endlicheri: after S. L. Endlicher 1805-49, a Viennese botanist.

An environmental weed.

1: Black Cypress-pine branch with cones. The cone scales have an outward-pointing tip, and narrow towards the tip.
Below: Black Cypress-pine in its natural habitat. Weddin Mountains National Park.

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