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Ornate Fingers - native (Caladenia ornata)

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Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family).

Native of western Victoria.

Formerly Caladenia carnea var. ornata.

Occurrence: Rare. One record.


This orchid was photographed at Metcalfe c1980 as Caladenia carnea var ornata. It resembles the photograph of Caladenia ornata in Wild Orchids of Victoria, Australia, Jeanes and Backhouse, 2006. They list this orchid as a western Victorian orchid, with the closest occurrence to Castlemaine being at Stawell. Orchid identification is difficult in that there may be differences between species that require examination with a low-powered microscope, which is difficult in the field, and difficult with most photographs.

Confirmation of the identity of this orchid will result in a significant addition to the orchid list.

VROTS: vulnerable. Listed under the Fauna and Flora Guarantee Act.