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Bluebell Creeper - introduced (*Billardiera fusiformis)

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Other names: Formerly Sollya heterophylla.

Family: Pittosporaceae (Pittosporum family).

Native of Western Australia.

Occurrence: An uncommon weed in Central Victoria.


Elsewhere in Victoria (e.g. the Mornington Peninsula), Bluebell Creeper is a troublesome weed in native bushland. Care should be taken when planting it near bushland. The seed is spread by birds.

Photos 1: Bluebell Creeper. Garden specimen, Castlemaine.


2, 3: Specimen from Kalimna Reserve, Castlemaine, where it is a weed.

imgimg 4, 5: Bluebell Creeper, Duggan St, Castlemaine. The bright green foliage contrasts with that of the local bushland.