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Rough Spear-grass - native (Austrostipa scabra ssp falcata)

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spear-grass spear-grass spear-grass spear grass

Alternative names: Stipa scabra ssp falcata

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


Very common in grassland and along roadsides. It is shorter (30-40cm) than the other local spear grasses. The smaller height, the open flower spray and the sickle-shaped awns are distinctive.

scabra: rough to the touch, like fine sandpaper; falcata: sickle-shaped.

1: Flower cluster. Most of the fresh awns have not yet curved. 2: Mature flower spray with curved awns. 3: The flower cluster is sparse. 4: Panicle branch. Some of the lemmas have fallen. Castlemaine.