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Supple Spear-grass - native (Austrostipa mollis)

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supple spear-grass supple spear-grass

Alternative names: Stipa mollis, Soft Spear-grass.

Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


Supple Spear-grass is the most common of the tall spear grasses in this area. It is common along roadsides and in grasslands, and is scattered in forest areas.

The flower-head is a dense spray. As the flower dries the awns may become tangled to form a hairy mass.

1: Lemma. The hairs on the awn are more 1mm to 2mm long. 2: Patch of Supple Spear-grass at Maldon. 3: Dense tangled flower head. Kalimna reserve. 4. Glumes (lower left) and lemmas. The awns are twice-bent.

mollis: soft, usually meaning softly hairy, like velvet.

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