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Crested Spear-grass - native (Austrostipa blackii)

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crested spear-grass crested spear-grass crested spear-grass

Alternative names: Stipa blackii.

Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


Crested Spear-grass is uncommon, but may be locally abundant e.g. at Joyces Creek. It is a tall grass (a metre or more).

There is a cluster of hairs at the end of the lemma (at the base of the awn). The hairs are are 2-3mm long, and similar in thickness to those on the lower part of the lemma. The awn is twice-bent.

blackii: in honour of J.M. Black 1885-1951, author of Flora of South Australia.

1, 2: Flower clusters, showing a freshly opened spray and a mature spray. Joyces Creek. 3: Lemma. The hair tuft at the summit of the lemma is over 2mm long.