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Cane Wire-grass - native (Aristida ramosa)

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brush wire-grass brush wire-grass

Native. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


  • it has a narrow but loose flower cluster
  • there is a single, awned lemma, longer than the glumes
  • the leaf blade is inrolled
  • the ligule is densely hairy, 0.5mm long, often with longer hairs at the sides.
  • It is an erect grass (to a metre). The lemmas divide into three awns. The awns are about a centimetre long. Uncommon.

    As in other aristidas, the lemma divides into three awns. Cane Wire-grass differs from the much more common Brush Wire-grass in that Cane Wire-grass has shorter awns (about 1cm long), is an erect grass, and the flower clusters are not brush-like.

    Arista: an awn; ramosa: having many branches.

    1: Cane Wire-grass is an erect plant. Terrick Terrick National Park. 2, 3: Narrow flower clusters with three-awned lemmas. Sutton Grange.