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Brush Wire-grass - native (Aristida behriana)

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brush wire-grass brush wire-grass bwg

Native. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


It is a common and conspicuous plant in northern grasslands. A spreading grass. The lemmas divide into three long awns.

The flowers are clustered , and sometimes tangled together.

The spreading habit, and the narrow, three-awned lemmas make this a very distinctive grass.

Arista: an awn. behriana: in honour of H. H. Behr, 1818-1904, a German doctor, plant collector and naturalist, who came to South Australia in 1844 and lived amongst the natives, learning their languages and habits.

Left 1: Flower cluster (a panicle). Baringhup. Left 2: The flower heads are conspicuous. Maldon. 3: Tangled lemmas. Maldon. 4: Lemma with three awns. The lemma merges into the awns, without jointing between the two. Sutton Grange.