Is it a native?

Strawberry Tree - introduced (*Arbutus unedo)

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Other names: Irish Strawberry.

Family: Ericaceae (Erica family).

Native of Europe.

Occurrence: Occasional bushland weed.


Strawberry Tree a common garden plant. Seed is carried into bushland by birds.

The name, Strawberry Tree, refers to the rough-surfaced fruit. It is unrelated to the garden strawberry. The specific name, unedo is said by Pliny to be derived from unum edo, I ate one, but never a second.

Right. Strawberry Tree in flower. Garden specimen, Castlemaine.
Below 1: Ripe fruit. IGA Maxi supermarket, Castlemaine. 2: Leaves, showing the upper and lower surfaces.

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4 5 4: Sapling weed in Kaweka Reserve
5: Unripe fruit. Castlemaine.