Plants of the Castlemaine District.

Grey Mistletoe - native (Amyema quandang)

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Family: Loranthaceae (Mistletoe family).

Uncommon. It usually grows on wattles.

Identification: It is a hemi-parasite; it relies on the host plant for water and minerals, but has chlorophyll and is able to make its own sugars and other carbohydrates.


  • the mainly red flowers are erect, not drooping; the flowers resemble candlesticks in a candelabrum
  • it usually grows on wattles
  • the leaves are grey.
  • Name: quandang: aboriginal name for the tree on which this mistletoe was first found.

    Photos 1: Fruit. The berries are eaten and so distributed by birds such as the Singing Honeyeater and Mistletoe Bird. 2, 3: Grey Mistletoe, El Dorado. 4: Grey Mistletoe on acacias. Gaasch's Road, Harcourt.

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