Plants of the Castlemaine District.

Box Mistletoe - native (Amyema miquelii)

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Family: Loranthaceae (Mistletoe family).

It is by far the most common mistletoe in the Box Ironbark forests and Heathy Dry forests where it mostly grows on Red Stringybark, the box eucalypts, Yellow Gum and Red Ironbark.

It is a hemi-parasite; it relies on the host plant for water and minerals, but has chlorophyll and is able to make its own sugars and other carbohydrates.


It differs from the much less common Drooping Mistleoe in that

Name: miquelii: after Friedrich Miquel, a dutch botanist and an authority on mistletoes.

Photos 1, 2: Box Mistletoe. Castlemaine. 3: Trees are able to kill off mistletoes by cutting off the flow of sap to the mistletoe. The rest of the eucalypt branch also dies.
4: Tear-drop shaped clump of Box Mistletoe on a Red Gum. Downes Road, Castlemaine. It is uncommomn to find Box Mistletoe on Red Gums.