Plants of the Castlemaine District

Belladonna Lily - introduced (*Amaryllis belladonna)

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Other names: Naked Lady. (The flowers open before the leaves appear.)

Family: Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis family). Formerly included in the Lily family.

Native of South Africa.

Occurrence: Widely scattered weed.


Belladonna Lily can spread from dumped garden refuse. It flowers in autumn. It is a common garden plant.

Similar species: Darling Lily (Crinum) has well developed leaves at flowering time. It is a native of NW Victoria.

Name: Amaryllis: from the name of a shepherdess in Greek and Roman poetry; belladonna: beautiful lady (parts of the plant were used to brighten eyes).

Photos: Belladonna Lilies
1, 2: Castlemaine. The large funnel-shaped flowers, and the absence of leaves during flowering are characteristic.
Lower: Clump at Princetown.
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