Is it a native?

Crow Garlic - introduced (*Allium vineale)

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Other names: Wild Garlic.

Family: Alliaceae (Allium family). Formerly included in the Lily family.

Native of Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Occurrence: A widespread and common weed of roadsides and farmland. It may be locally abundant.


Wild Garlic can contaminate milk and meat. It may spread from seeds and from the bulbs. It is a noxious weed and Regionally Controlled in North Central Victoria.

The name vineale means “growing in vineyards”, so Crow Garlic is presumably a weed in the northern hemisphere as well as in Australia.

Photos: Above R: Flower head with bulbils. Forest Creek, Castlemaine. The bulbils hace started to shoot.
Below 2: Complete plant with bulb. Forest Creek.
3: Curled leaves of young plants. Yapeen-Muckleford Road, Guildford
4: The heads of bulbils. Forest Creek.
5: Grassland infested with Wild Garlic. Muckleford. The clusters of bulbils are prominent.

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