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Angled Onion - introduced ( *Allium triquetrum)

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Other names: Three-cornered Garlic.

Family: Alliaceae (Allium family). It was formerly included in the Lily family.

Native of the Mediterranean region.

Occurrence: Scattered, particularly along roadsides and waste places. It grows best in damp areas where it may be locally abundant.


Notes: A winter-growing weed, and a proclaimed noxious weed (Restricted in Central Victoria).

Similar Species: Snowflake (Leucojum aesivum) can be distinguished from the green spots on its white petals, and the lack of an onion odour.

Name: Allium: probably from the Latin name for garlic.

Photos: 1: Angled Onion along Barkers Creek. The white flowers are on triangular stalks, are drooping, and have green stripes.
2, 3: Angled Onion, Castlemaine. 4: McKenzies Hill.

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