Tree of Heaven - introduced (*Ailanthus altissima)

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Family: Simaroubaceae
Native of China.

Occurrence: Scattered. Often found in townships and near old house sites.


Tree of Heaven is listed as a noxious weed and Restricted in Central Victoria. It spreads from seed, from garden refuse, and by suckering. Suckers may grow from the roots many years after the parent plant has been removed. Tree of Heaven may cause contact dermatitis, and is poisonous to stock.

Similar weeds: Black Locust has smaller oval leaflets and Box Elder has fewer leaflets (usually 3-5).

ailanthus: from the Molluccan ailanto the "tree that can grow up in the sky".

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1: Young plant. Downes Rd, Castlemaine. 2: Copse of Tree of Heaven, Gingell St., Castlemaine.
3: Fruit (planted specimen). 4: Close-up of leaflet bases. Castlemaine.