Honeypots - native (Acrotriche serrulata)

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Family: Ericaceae

Native to Australia. It had, for many years, been classified as a member of the Heath family, the Epacridaceae. The Epacridaceae and Ericaceae have now been combined, and take the name of the earliest described family.


The flowers (the pots of honey) are held close to the ground and are ant-pollinated.

When not in flower, Spiky Guinea-flower (Hibbertia exutiacies) and Cranberry Heath can be confused with Honeypots. Leaves of Guinea Flowers do not have parallel veins, and the leaves are not flat - the leaves are rolled backwards. The leaves of Cranberry Heath are wider, usually have a blue tinge, taper to an extended point, and are usually minutely toothed.

In the Lauriston bushland Honeypots sometimes grows to a small shrub.


Photos 1: Honeypots. Muckleford. 2: Smiths Reef.
heathheath 3: Flowers. Castlemaine North. 4: Smiths Reef.
heath 6: Honeypots in fruit. Photo: Max Schlachter.