Sporadic Wattle - local native (Acacia sporadica)

The local population is restricted to a few plants in Fryers Range. These have resprouted after a burn, and are still under 50cm high. The local plants do not appear to set seed, and may propagate by suckering, and all of the local population may be a single individual. There are larger populations in the Strathbogie Ranges and in Gippsland.

The leaves are smaller than those of Golden Wattle, and bluish in colour. The leaf colour matches the colour of the sucker leaves of Long-leaf Box and Broad-leaf Peppermint, with which it grows.

VROTS: Vulnerable.

It flowers in spring.

All: Sporadic Wattle. Fryers Range. 4: Some plants have survived soil dumping during road works and repeated burns. wattlewattle