Hedge Wattle - native (Acacia paradoxa)


Other names: Kangaroo Thorn.

Usually a dense spreading shrub, but in dry conditions it may be a small and spindly. The flower balls are on stalks from the leaf bases. A pair of sharp thorns grow from each leaf base. The green leaves are almost parallel to the stems, and are usually wavy (not flat).

Widespread and common.

The prickly branches help make a Hedge Wattle as safe place for small birds. Wrens and Babblers frequent patches of Hedge Wattle.

It flowers in spring.

Name: paradoxus: different, unusual.

1: Hedge Wattle. Barkly. 2: Dense flowers. Wycheproof. 3: The wavy leaves and the prickles are ditinctive. Kaweka, Castlemaine. 4: Flowers. Barkly.