Scale bar = 1cm

Black Wattle - native (Acacia mearnsii)


A small tree. The leaves are divided into pinnae which are further divided into leaflets. The leaflets are crowded. There are glands (small raised swellings) scattered along the main leaf axis. The leaves, and usually the branchlets, are green. Flowers are in sprays in early summer. Moderately common.

Black Wattle differs from Silver Wattle in the green foliage, the closely-spaced leaflets, and the irregular placement of the glands along the central leaf vein. The leaflets of Early Black Wattle are much longer, and widely spaced.

In earlier times, large quanities of Black Wattle was harvested for tannin, for the tanning industry. Black wattle is an important habitat tree for many kinds of wildlife.

1: The leaflets of Black Wattle are closely spaced. 2, 3: In flower, Mt Alexander. 4. Gum as a result of insect attack. Eureka Diggings. wattlewattle