Silver Wattle - local native (Acacia dealbata)


Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)

A small tree. The leaves are divided into pinnae which are further divided into leaflets. The leaflets are all about the same length, and are slightly separated. There is a gland (small raised swelling) at the base of each pinna. The leaves, and usually the branchlets, are silvery. Flowers are in sprays in spring. Moderately common, particularly in damper places such as gully flats.

The usually silvery colour, the slightly separated smallest leaflets, and the placement of the glands separate Silver Wattle from the Black Wattles.

1: The leaflets of Silver Wattle are slightly separated. 2,3,4: Silver Wattle in flower. All: Castlemaine. wattlewattle wattle
5: Silver Wattle leaf, showing the regular arrangement of glands along the main leaf stalk. The smallest leaflets are slightly separated. Photo: Max Schlachter.